Sometimes an offer of live drawing comes along that just can't be refused.  For the last three years, I've  been Artist in Residence at Porthcawl's  annual Jazz  Festival.  This eclectic group of studies is the experimental and playful result.  You can see more images of singers and performers in the Portrait and People page.


Gypsy Jazz  SOLD                Liberty St. Trombone         Mr P's Drummer SOLD


Liberty St. Trumpet         Gypsy Jazz 2 SOLD         Mr P's Trumpet SOLD


Gypsy Jazz 3           Jazz on the Sands: Mr P's                           Gypsy Jazz 4 


 Mr P's Clarinet                 Red Hot Sax       SOLD         Mr P's Banjo


Sax Sketch 1                        Sax Sketch 2                     Trumpet watercolour


Pink Trumpet Player                                          Yellow Jazz

Mixed media                                                      Watercolour


Performing                                          Bass Player

Conte Pencil                                         Watercolour


Afternoon in Paris 


The Rumblestrutters 


Some quick sketches started at the live performances during the 2015 Jazz Festival, loads more at the Pavilion.


All artworks are the sole copyright of the artist and cannot be reproduced in any format without her express permission