Touching Embers

Acrylic on mounted canvas     58 x 58 cm




 Sky High

Acrylic on canvas 58 x 58 cm



 Sky Light

Acrylic on canvas  58 x 58 cm



Purple Sky 1

Acrylic on paper 18 x 18 cm 



Before Dawn

Acrylic on Canvas   40 x 40 cm



 Holding the Sun  (Sold)

Acrylic on Paper  28 x 28 cm 




Rough Pool

Acrylic on Paper 19 x 19 cm





Acrylic on Paper 28 x 28 cm 



Peace                                Flow Finding



Sunset Promise 1                           Speechless


Acrylic on Paper 15 x 15 cm





Sea Break

Acrylic on Canvas   26 x 26 cm 



Sky Break  (Sold)

Acrylic on Canvas    26 x 26 cm 



  Pool (Sold)

Acrylic on Paper 29 x 29 cm




Acrylic on Paper  29 x 29 cm



Shoaling   29 x 29 cm

Acrylic on paper




Mixed Media on Canvas  8 x 8 inches



Mixed Media on Canvas   8 x 8 inches



Mixed Media on Canvas



Mixed Media on Paper

All artworks are the sole copyright of the artist and cannot be reproduced in any format without her express permission